Information on how to get to Kecskemét, how the get to the festival site and how to get around between hotels and the venue. (Map of the venue at the bottom of this page.)

Transportation that we provide for our package buyers:

– Bus: from and to the airport.
– Free shuttle bus: between your hotel and the venue. You need to get a black wristband from us as ticket! If you come on your own, you need to buy this wristband for 3,000 HUF!

Shuttle schedule:
every hour and 30 minutes: Aranyhomok-Sheraton-JAZZ CAPITAL
every whole hour: JAZZ CAPITAL-Sheraton-Három Gúnár-Aranyhomok

First bus from Hotel Aranyhomok: Aug 5: 17.30, Aug 6: 15.00 & 15.30, Aug 7-8: 10.00 & 10.30
Last bus from JAZZ CAPITAL: Aug 5: 23.00, Aug 6-7: 02.00, Aug 8: 16.10

Please accept the rule: MUSICIANS FIRST!!!

If you come on your own, how to get to Kecskemét:

– By train: see this page for domestic schedule.

And here is, how to go to the festival site (see the map below): park within the festival site at the back entrance that you find on the map above, under the JAZZ CAPITAL sign as continuation of the street called Tatár sor. GPS coordinates: 46.903819, 19.666032

Festival venue:
1. Main Stage
2. Cargoport Stage
3. Big Marquee
4. Small Marquee
5. Domb Beach Jazz Lounge
6. Gastro place
7. VIP Marquee
8. Decathlon Sportpark
9. Cup point
10. Jazz boutique
11. Parking lot
12. Parking lot for organizers
13. VIP parking lot
Orange circles: Toilets